Saturday, June 30, 2012

Arizona Immigration laws

This has been an eventful week in law on a number of fronts. The Arizona immigration case, Arizona v. United States, limited states to doing brief immigration status checks on people arrested for some other reason. Last year the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law in Chamber of Commerce of the United States v. Whiting that sanctioned employers for intentionally or knowingly employing illegal aliens by suspending or revoking their licenses. The law also required employers to use e-verify. The Arizona law for employer compliance was not preempted by federal law. This is not just an American reaction to immigration nor is it new. The same protectionist sentiment could be found today in Europe and Asia. It was also quite prevalent into the 1850s in the United States. In fact it was A major force in the splintering and end of the Whig party at that time. Now China is also cracking down on illegal immigration.

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