Saturday, June 16, 2012

Supreme Court Admission

On June 4 I was in Washington and took the oath to join the bar of the United States Supreme Court.  I went with the annual Phi Alpha Delta Day at the Supreme Court.  There were a couple of other groups there as well for the same purpose.  We got to eat breakfast and wait for the court hearing in the Rehnquist dining room.  The court issued two opinions during the hearing with Justice Thomas giving the opinion summary for Reichele v. Howards and Justice Breyer giving the summary for the opinion in Armour v. City of Indianapolis.  After the opinions were read they had each of us stand in turn after our names were read as part of the motion for admission made by Tom Bentz, a PAD attorney in Washington.  The entire group was then administered the oath by the court clerk Gen. Sutter.  Afterwards we returned to the dining room for a while and then left for pictures outside.  We had a group lunch at B. Smith's in Union station.

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