Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To celebrate leap day 2012

Happy Leap Day or if you prefer that day otherwise known as the 29th Day of February.  For all the leap-ers of 2012 here are some wonderfully leap themed articles to whittle away the hours of February 29. 


Calandar and History:

Law (i.e. Is Feb. 28, 2013 or Mar. 1, 2013 exactly one year from Feb. 29, 2012?):

Law - Leap Day Litigation:

The Obligatory Leaper Birthday Story That Practically Every Newspaper in the World is Doing Today:,0,639724.story

And No Hospitals Won't Deliver Babies Early to Avoid the Dreaded Feb. 29 Leap Birthday:,0,6297060.story




Facts and Stuff:

Economic Value:

Theme Park - Disneyland:,1,1241685.story

Theme Park - Disneyworld:,0,1822177.special



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